Hiking in Japan? Don Quijote May Help with Your Last-Minute Supplies
July 28, 2017

Don Quijote, or Donki for short is “the biggest discount store in Japan.” They have basically everything, from chocolates to beauty products – even Louis Vuitton bags have their own glass cabinet!

Louis Vhuitton Bags Donki

Of course, I didn’t want to leave Japan without checking out Donki in Shibuya. And of course, I wanted to see if their inventory included outdoor gear and equipment.

Here are some images of what I found.

Compression pants, quick-drying long-sleeve shirts, and running shorts – The shirts provide good protection against the sun when hiking Mt. Fuji’s open trails.

Donki Outdoor Wear

Colorful underwear made of synthetic materials – It can get cold at the summit. Ditch your cotton underwear with this.

Donki Underwear

Shirts made of synthetic materials – These lightweight shirts are ideal as a base-layer garment.

Base layer Donki

Sports bra – For girls, all you have to do is pick the color that you want.

Sports bra

Rain jackets and ponchos – But these don’t come cheap. The Penfield jacket costs 2,990 JPY.

Rain jacket and ponchos Donki

Rain suit – If you prefer a two-piece rain gear, this is probably what you’re looking for (Next Rain Suit II).

Next Rain Suit II Donki

Sleeping bags – These Coleman sleeping bags are rated for 5 degrees Celsius.

Coleman SLeeping Bags

Logos camping tent – 2 people should fit into this 210 x 150 cm tent.

Camping Tent Donki

Coleman camping lanterns – These go well with your camping tent.

Camping Lantern

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